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Encouragement, empowerment, and expertise are three ways I’d describe how Vasti Wilkins helps serve her clients — and serve them well. Having over 10+ years in the corporate world working on brand communications and operations, I needed someone who could speak the language. I wasn’t looking to learn the basics; I was looking to up-level my newly established game and to build a lasting legacy. Through Vasti’s encouragement, she helped empower me with tools and techniques to help improve my offerings and map out a profitable direction. She then leaned in with expertise to help me tighten up the blind-spots in my business, helping me streamline and create more effective approaches.

Olivia M. Gonzalez

CEO + Chief Brand Optimizer

Hi I’m Kandice Shelton and I’m CEO of a health, fitness and nutrition company. Although I have been in business for over 8 years, I’m basically considered a solopreneur. I have contractors and part-time staff in my business, however, most days I’m still wearing several hats to facilitate business operations.  That said, some days things can become very hectic with priorities shifting and tasks getting reassigned. More days than I would like to admit, I found myself with more tasks to do, than seemingly time to do them. Vasti’s Default to Design program was great with helping me to analyze how I spent my time, identify gaps in the management of my schedule, and with setting priorities in business and life. Her program helped me to understand when I really DID have more time than I thought and when I DID NOT have the time. From there I could more efficiently set priorities. 

Speaking of setting priorities… in business and in life, this is huge because as a solopreneur, my life outside of work and the work itself are so closely connected. The biggest aha moment was the connection between the capacity (or lack of capacity) that I had in my schedule and the goals that I wanted to achieve. Default to Design, helped me to bring alignment to these items through resetting my true priorities, setting realistic goals, and proactive scheduling.  Over time as I continue to implement the process, I will continue to have better control of all elements of  life and business by implementing key takeaways from the Default to Design system!

Kandice Shelton

Fitness Coach + Influencer

“Although I did not realize it at the time, I struggled with residual anger, shame and fear after having been laid off from my 9-5 job of 17 years.  This had a direct impact on the new business that I had created.  Working with Vasti enabled me to unpack the unnecessary emotional weight I’d been carrying and get to the heart of how I could really best serve my ideal clientele while building an authentic business in a way that successfully combined my talents, skills and passion.  That revelation has changed everything.  Vasti digs deep and her process breaks up blockages, builds confidence, and clears the path to successfully progress toward your intended business goals.  Her program is an invaluable resource.”

Leslieann Sampson

Women's Wellness/Health

Before working with Vasti, I was full of business ideas without a tangible starting point. I couldn’t even clearly explain what it was I was trying to do. Vasti helped me to pull out MY ideas and pinpoint a place for me to start, and most importantly…she clarified MY ideas into one successful business plan. I gained clarity and a starting point thanks to Vasti’s amazing and patient guidance. After only a year in the coaching industry, I see major progress from working with Vasti, even through multiple roadblocks. If you’re stuck in your business (or starting from scratch with ideas only), I recommend Vasti’s Default to Design. For a new or seasoned solopreneur, Vasti provides clarity and unyielding support to live the life you thought could only be a dream.

Kristin Coleman

Life Strategist

Ok, so listen friend, let me start by saying Vasti is BOMB.com. You will not question working with her. She is the dream whisperer who incorporates a major dose of professionalism with hey, girl hey down-to-earth comfort. She listens like no other, sees you and hears not only what you say you need and wanat as well as what you *don’t* say. Before working with Vasti, I struggled mostly with mindset (and I won’t lie, I still do somedays, but not because Vasti didn’t do her good work with me) as well as a need for structure in my business.

I’m the Organization Queen who has been on this leg of the SuperDope Planner business for 5 years (but 20 years total in other org. capacities) with all the creative ideas so I thought I was good on business matters. Only to find out the structure Vasti brought to my business was long overdue. She’s a breath of fresh air and I finally felt like I could exhale. 
Working with Vasti made a significant personal difference in my life. After a few weeks of working with Vasti and hearing my deisre to move forward in my business, I realized I could not do that without having a much-needed fierce conversation with a valued family member. With Vasti’s urging and conversation prompts – which I SO needed because I was lost for what to say and how to say it – I had that talk which freed me to move my business and relationship forward. Friennnnnnd, hear me! You will thank yourself and be so relieved that you chose to work with Vasti. I’m glad I did!
Tasha Johnson

CEO + Founder

When I met Vasti, I was trying to find my way in my business.  I knew I needed assistance with creating products because I didn’t quite know how to get there.  Vasti provided me feedback on how detailed and clear my outlines, instructions, and goals needed to be.  She assisted me in creating a name for my course which reflects my desired outcome for each client.  She gives direct feedback to help you get unstuck and move forward.

McKesure Whetstone

Life Coach + Relationship Strategist