Align your life and business so you can experience the life you desire, lead a thriving brand, and live your legacy now.



The World Needs Your Unique Imprint to be Complete

You are trying to expand but can’t because you are struggling to handle all that is in front of you. Stop the juggling act of trying to figure it all out. You were born for so much more.




Take control of every domain of your life and business. Clarify your core principles and unleash the roadmap strategically crafted to create the life of harmony you are meant to live.



Develop the customized blueprint that will eliminate the juggling act and keep you focused on what matters most. Streamline your life and business for maximum growth and impact. 



Live authentically aligned with your values while leading a profitable, scalable business. Activate the proven strategy to make your design an everyday reality.

Are you trying to grow your business to the next level of impact with limited capacity and inconsistent income? Originally developed for the Courageous CEO Crew, this 7-week experience will teach you how to leverage your gifts, build a scalable business, and implement strategies to amplify your impact +income. Vasti will guide you through her proven method to trade your current holding patterns for purposeful profits so you can share your brilliance to transform the lives of many.

Hello! I’m Vasti

I am passionate about faith, Paleo snacks, legacy, wholeness, and my Passion Planner. It brings me joy to serve mission-driven entrepreneurs like you on the journey to create the life God always intended for you to live. I teach you the actionable steps to live unapologetically, make an impact + income using your gifts, and launch into your INCREDIBLE LIFE©.

As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach and Certified Corporate Consultant I marry my Positive Psychology coaching techniques and corporate strategies to help you shift into alignment with the lifestyle you desire while leading a scalable, profitable business.

What they’re saying:

Encouragement, empowerment, and expertise are three ways I’d describe how Vasti Wilkins helps serve her clients — and serve them well. Having over 10+ years in the corporate world working on brand communications and operations, I needed someone who could speak the language. I wasn’t looking to learn the basics; I was looking to up-level my newly established game and to build a lasting legacy. Through Vasti’s encouragement, she helped empower me with tools and techniques to help improve my offerings and map out a profitable direction. She then leaned in with expertise to help me tighten up the blind-spots in my business, helping me streamline and create more effective approaches.

Olivia M. Gonzalez

CEO and Chief Brand Optimizer, OMG Brand Story

 Over the years, I’ve added various products and brands to my company’s portfolio. That said, I began to feel a lack of clarity on how to position my company, products, and personal brand in the marketplace. This lack of clarity began to give me analysis paralysis. I was too busy analyzing this and calculating that to actually do the work needed to share my gift and generate more revenue. Vasti’s coaching session was great in helping me to see the big picture, but yet still keep my eyes on the details on the brands and products in my portfolio. When coaching with Vasti, be prepared to go on a journey that you wouldn’t think a coaching session would take you. However, that journey is absolutely necessary to uncover your true passion, true gift and identify how that aligns with your business and business positioning. This is her zone of genius and I would strongly recommend that any new or growing entrepreneur works with her one on one. It’s a priceless experience! 

Kandice S.

CEO, Bounce Fitness, LLC.

Hey, friend! Let me start by saying Vasti is You will not question working with her. She is the dream whisperer who incorporates a major dose of professionalism with hey, girl hey down-to-earth comfort. She listens like no other, sees you, and hears not only what you say you need and want as well as what you *don’t* say. I’m the Organization Queen with all the creative ideas so I thought I was good on business matters. Only to find out the structure Vasti brought to my business was long overdue and welcomed with open arms. She’s a breath of fresh air and I finally felt like I could exhale. Friennnnnnd, hear me! You will thank yourself and be so relieved that you chose to work with Vasti. I’m glad I did!


Tasha Johnson

CEO and Founder, The SuperDope Planner

At BEAUTIFUL GRACE we know that you want to be an impactful leader, personally and professionally. In order to do that, you need to find a way to keep it all together. The problem is you struggle with handling all of your life and business demands which makes you feel overwhelmed, and at times like you are just not enough. We believe you can be an impactful leader growing a profitable business that does not sacrifice all the things that matter most. We understand your passionate drive to use your God-given gifts to change others lives, and your own, which is why we teach you how to align the two in complete harmony.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Commit to You

2. Design your Legacy Blueprint

3. Disciplined Execution

So, register today.

In the meantime, start taking control now using our signature MAX24 system. So you can cut the overwhelm, stop feeling like you are behind on the success ladder or just don’t have what it takes and instead lead in complete harmony as the CEO of your life and business for maximum impact.