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Vasti Wilkins


Vasti teaches entrepreneurs, like you, how to take control of every aspect of their life by helping you actualize your authenticity and step into your natural authority to lead your business. When done so effectively, you operate as an expert in your industry and lead the charge for change. 

Cutting through all the noise, Vasti pulls out your diamonds and streamlines your life for optimal results. She uses her signature framework based on sound corporate strategies and supports you to launch into the life and business you are designed to lead with maximum impact on everything you touch.

Vasti passionately teaches mission-driven entrepreneurs the actionable steps to lead as CEO of your life + business in harmony, be completely you in full authority, and, build an innovative, scalable, and profitable business to live your INCREDIBLE LIFE©.

Vasti launches entrepreneurs into embracing their authenticity within their business and stepping into their natural authority. When done so effectively, they operate as the expert in their industry and lead the charge for change


Vasti spent nine years pouring into the next generation as a Special Education Teacher. Though she loved her students Vasti knew she was meant to play in a much larger arena. She knew there was more to life than she had ever been exposed to and did all she could to take every opportunity to expand her horizon but chasing the American Dream as her golden ticket to the ‘good life’ landed Vasti in never-ending cycles of frustration, disappointment, and feeling defeated. 

Something had to change.

The more month than money pattern, low energy rhythms, unhealthy emotional cycles, and more than anything the hiding in the shadows not doing the work she was created for at the magnitude she should, was not cutting it. Vasti completely renovated her entire storyline which launched her in the only fitting arena for her, entrepreneurship. Vasti completely transformed her life from her soul outwards. 

Now, let’s not kid ourselves, this was not an overnight deal and the work continues. There is always a new level to hit.

As she worked with clients Vasti realized these purpose fueled solopreneurs with incredible gifts that the world needed were drowning trying to juggle all the things to grow their business (really, get their gifts into the world to fulfill their purpose), all the responsibilities of running a home, being husband/wife, and everything else that comes with life.

They needed more than a coach and here I was sitting on it. [insert slap, Vasti. Not really :-)]

Vasti went on to become a Certified Corporate Consultant to bring you the proven strategies to build a successful business. She now gets to make sure you are finally living the life you truly desire. Vasti’s’ unique blend of her God-given gifts with her personal entrepreneurial journey, certifications, professional background, and life transformation are all tools and tactics to help you lead the life of your dreams.


Vasti wholeheartedly believes in strategic, sensible, practical processes that get real results. She guides you to complete clarity to activate the power you possess to radically change the lives of millions while living in your values. You will design the blueprint to stop playing it small and live the legacy you know God created you to make. Vasti will teach you how to funnel your gift into a business model designed for consistent growth and profits. Implement the necessary systems and sensible automation in your business to help ensure you are living the life you want as CEO.

The only option from here is to execute. Vasti knows how to hold the fire to your feet right when you need it. You will get the tactics and accountability to effectively hit the milestones that matter.

Vasti Wilkins


Vasti has a true soft spot for the next generation which yielded her to spending 9 years as a Special Education Teacher, working with some of the finest students in the world. Vasti knew going into the field that it wasn’t her ultimate destination but it allowed her to do what she loved, speak life and wisdom into her students. She spent the last 2 years of her Education career digging deep within to learn her true calling. The treasure Vasti discovered in those two years propelled her to own her gifts. 

She is a Certified Personal & Executive Coaching from the CaPP Institute. Utilizing a Positive Psychology approach Vasti helps you amplify your natural gifts using providing research based tools and techniques to her clients.  

Vasti is also a Certified Corporate Consultant which allows her to bring proven corporate strategies to her clients in their business building journey.

Come out of the shadows. Light up Your Unique Path!