I teach purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to

master their authority + amplify their message without sacrificing their values

Build Your Life

Take control of your whole life and experience the abundance you are created to live.

Lead Your Business

Grow the business that serves your lifestyle and elevates your impact, income, and influence.

Your Message has the Power to Transform Generations

You know your message needs to be shared wider and louder so your people can actually hear it.  You want to go full throttle in your business, get visible…like really put yourself out there and become the authority you are meant to be. Yet, you also don’t want to sacrifice (feel like it’s at the expense of) your family, faith, self-care, or any of your other valuable aspects of life.

You know you’ve been called to operate at a higher dimension of confidence, courage, and commitment to create this life. So, you need to be strategic with how you build your business and life in sync without compromising your level of impact on either. That’s where I come in!

Let’s get your brilliance packaged and positioned in authority to serve your mission and what matters most to you.


Get courageous clarity to align your business to serve your life


Lead your business + life in harmony so you show up as the authority you are


Expand your reach to experience maximum impact

How it Works:


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3. Elevate your authority and abundance

Hello, I’m Vasti!

I am passionate about you taking your rightful place of authority, faith, Paleo snacks, and my Passion Planner. It brings me joy to serve purpose-driven, faith-fueled entrepreneurs like you on the journey to create the life God always intended for you to live. I teach you the actionable steps to live unapologetically, make an impact + income using your gifts, and launch into your INCREDIBLE LIFE©.

As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach and Certified Corporate Consultant I marry my Positive Psychology coaching techniques, corporate consulting strategies, and God-given gifts to teach you how to lead with divine authority to create the lifestyle you desire while growing a scalable, profitable business.


Having over 10+ years in the corporate world working on brand communications and operations, I needed someone who could speak the language. I wasn’t looking to learn the basics; I was looking to up-level my newly established game and to build a lasting legacy. Through Vasti’s encouragement, she helped empower me with tools and techniques to help improve my offerings and map out a profitable direction. She then leaned in with expertise to help me tighten up the blind-spots in my business, helping me streamline and create more effective approaches.

Olivia M. G.

Chief Brand Optimizer

Over the years, I’ve added various products and brands to my company’s portfolio. That said, I began to feel a lack of clarity on how to position my company, products, and personal brand in the marketplace. This lack of clarity began to give me analysis paralysis. I was too busy analyzing this and calculating that to actually do the work needed to share my gift and generate more revenue. Vasti’s coaching session was great in helping me to see the big picture, but yet still keep my eyes on the details on the brands and products in my portfolio. It’s a priceless experience! 

Kandice S.


I’m the Organization Queen with all the creative ideas so I thought I was good on business matters. Only to find out the structure Vasti brought to my business was long overdue and welcomed with open arms. She’s a breath of fresh air and I finally felt like I could exhale. She listens like no other, sees you, and hears not only what you say you need and want as well as what you *don’t* say. Friennnnnnd, hear me! You will thank yourself and be so relieved that you chose to work with Vasti. I’m glad I did!

Tasha J.

CEO + Founder